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"Complete artist", touching everything eclectic in the field of plastics arts, very active in the region provence -alpes -côte d'azur, Eric pages invites you to discover his art .... And why not order one painting or drawing or purpose exhibitions if his passion inspires you.

two themes recurring for many years are presented here: super heroes injury and crowds in motion.

A summary of a practice constantly evolving in the universe of arts, Colors, music, video and pop culture images .... Such is the world of Éric Pagès.


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Eric Pagès was born in Paris in 1968.

At the age of eight, he attended drawing classes in the studio of Mr Denis Torcolti in Draguignan (Var).
He continued his studies of drawing and history of art at the Lycée Dumont d'Urville in Toulon (Var) where he passed an A3 tray. He was selected for the General Competition of Plastic Arts. He went to the University of Aix-en-Provence until his master's degree, where his personal practice led him to take an interest in the theme of the crowd.

Several exhibitions including one at the Château de Cagnes-sur-Mer in 1991.

Eric have in parallel activities of musician (drummer reputed in different groups) and graphic designer. These years, exploited in various fields (music, computer graphics and video), allowed to enrich his experience and his approach to the plastic arts.

Obtaining a CAPES of Plastic Arts and the teaching of this discipline in college motivated very positively the resumption of a personal practice. The obsessive theme of the crowd has resurfaced since 2003 in a very rich plastic production. Drawing on various iconographies and symbols that are often close to a religious side, this practice draws on figurative and traditional art, but also in contemporary art and street art (cinema, comic strip, etc.).

This installation and series of paintings was presented several times with a public broadcast (on a big screen) at the Forum of the Musics in November 2006. As of January 2006, a series titled "Super Heroes Injured" is started, It always continues as soon as the opportunity presents itself. These are medium-sized canvases whose theme draws on the myth of the superhero and especially the Marvel period, DC COMICS of the years 78-85 (Stranges, Special Stranges, etc ...) It reminds the youth of the artist .The will is based on respecting the original basis (costumes, drawings and authors, postures, ) while integrating the elements of the plastic work that one finds in the mixed techniques and the pasted materials applied here To the semi-realistic comic style of the time.

The use of airbrush (mastered by years of various customs) and latex is also present in these tables. In the theme of Wounded Super Heroes there are several looks where the author may describe himself intimately ... The superhero is alone and the loss of his superpowers or the check in difficult situations weakens him. However, he also brings him back to the rank of "simple mortal" in which his feelings, fragility and weaknesses can finally be expressed. Tribute to the authors (up to now discredited), view on the world and the present society, disguised biography, back in childhood and return on oneself. The series "Super-Heroes Injured" represents an important artistic step in the life of the author.

The presentation of this work during a series of exhibitions in the first half of 2007 was complemented by an explanatory mini-conference on the references used for this work. In 2008, a set of paintings entitled "Marines and landscapes-visions" construction site. The accent is on the light, the landscapes seem to have emerged from dreams, like the disturbing images of a dream. The figurative aspect is less sensitive to give place to the more important material and the sharp tones (sometimes warm, Very cold). The crowds also make their return as distant and ghostly visions. At the same time he obtained a complementary certification in cinema and animates a class of visual arts with a group of motivated students. Several short films have been presented in various competitions. A personal short film is being prepared for 2018.

Eric Pagès has also integrated a group of plastic artists "the art of time" for a series of exhibitions from 2013 to 2015, among others the arts space in St-Maximin, the castle of Carces and the gallery Masillion. The superheroes Injured were exposed in college in 2016 for a participative and educational exhibition. The artist has a creative current affairs and continues to mix his creative passions that are painting, video and music.

Very present at different levels, he brings his help and his skills in the associative and the performing environment by carrying out different projects and posters. A series of exhibitions is in preparation, it will mark the return of the "graphic battles" that are very important to the artist since its (older !!) beginnings in the artistic sphere.Eric Pagès was referenced in 2016 on the dictionary of visual artists France artfabetic.

Eric Pagès was referenced in 2016 on the dictionary of fine art artists of France artfabetic.


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